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ADA (Association for The Development of L’Azile) was Born on July 7th, 2001; where our first branch was created. It was short after, the words spread and ADA was not only in the USA, but also in Montreal, Canada and of course in Haiti. ADA spreads its wings fast and has established many branches in the following locations: New Jersey, NJ; Connecticut; Boston, MA; Rhode  Island, RI; New York, NY; Miami, FL; Orlando, FL; Chicago; Montreal, QC; St. Marten; Port-au-Prince, and L’Azile Haiti. 

ADA (Association for the  Development of L’Azile) was founded by a group of friends from L’Azile that were highly motivated, who share a passion and want to make a difference. With little to give, they wanted to help back home to make it better or at least to help improve the quality of life by providing vital services to the community.
They thought their short hands wouldn’t be sufficient to reach far, which brought the idea to get more people involve which will help to tackle more of the living necessities and challenges the people of L’Azile are facing: poverty and inequality, education, hunger, healthcare name a few. 

Executive Members


Tassan Mathurin

General Director


Lekel Saint Fleurose 


I joined ADA because I wanted to give back to L’azile. There is a huge need in L’azile especially the infrastructure.


Jean Erick Zidor

Project Manager


Kesnel Vilsaint 

General Secretary 


Chavannes Senestant 


Jean Rodol.jpeg

Jean Rodol Saint Fleurose 


Janel Delva.jpeg

Janel Delva

General Counselor

Administrative Staff

Roles Lajeunesse.jpeg

Roles Lajeunesse

Jimmy Desir.jpeg

Jimmy Desir

Shirley Desir.jpeg

Shirley Desir

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