Our mission is to rebuild and empower L’Azile Haitian communities through revitalization efforts aimed at improving quality of life. Our objective focuses on areas such as food, education, sports, and healthcare as the building blocks for the development of self-sustaining communities. While our operations stretch across continents, the recipients of our efforts will always be the country of Haiti and its communities.

ADA is a non-profit that stretches across 3 countries, and operates with two boards.  The board of L’Azile, Haiti reports to the board of US.  A basic description of each boards are as follows:



Association for the Development of L’Azile’s corporate headquarters is located in the US, which is where the US board conducts their daily operations. The US board designs organization-wide strategic plans, and leads all fundraising and monetary generation initiatives to support the organization as a whole. Moreover, organizational governance along with bylaws and other executive decisions are made by the US board and actioned by the board in L’Azile, Haiti.
ADA’s core competencies sets it apart from other non-profits in that the organization will focus its efforts on creating communities that will no longer need its services. The organization will develop strategies to be led and implemented by the citizens and the communities being served. In essence, ADA will provide the guidance, but a majority of the resources will come from the citizens and communities.


  • Type of Business: Non-Profit Community Development

  • Primary Location: Boston, Massachusetts,

  • Secondary location- L’Azile, Haiti, Nippes

  • Industry: Community development and Revitalizaiton

  • Current Valuation: N/A

ADA employs a traditional non-profit organizational structure appearing below. This structure enables ADA to standardize functional procedures and operations across regions, while promoting a culture of obligation to develop and contribute to the existence of a better society.

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