Welcome to the official web site of the Association for the development of L’Azile (ADA). It may not be a surprise to
you that ADA has been around since July 2001.  ADA was established since July 2001 in New Jersey where four  locations
were initiated. (Orlando, Boston, Chicago and New Jersey).   A few months later, the news had spread out to all over the
America then three more locations came aboard such as Miami, Connecticut, and L’Azile, and a year later, New York
and Canada. Now welcome Fort-. Myers as a new location.

Each location has a committee that has a director, secretary, treasury, delegate, counselor, and other members.  ADA
has a central committee composes of 15 members: President and Vice-President, Treasurer and Assistant.  Treasurer,
Secretary and Assistant Secretary, delegates from each site, and counselors from each location.